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Patient Friendly Radiology Reports

In Spring 2016, I did content analysis of over 1000 posts from 4 medical e-forums to identify common patient queries about diagnostic radiology scans under Prof. Lauren Wilcox at Health Experience Lab . Another colleague and I iteratively coded the posts to identify 23 themes characterizing the different kinds of questions posed by patients. We clustered the themes under

Website Redesign

Overview Georgia Tech Cable Network is a direct broadcast satellite system offering a customized channel line-up for the Georgia Tech campus community. GTCN supplies entertaining and educational television programs, offers video production services and plays movies chosen by GT students. Through GTCN’s Cinema Select voting system, students can pick their top choices from a series of

Grocery Shopping Tracker

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier for some people than others. It can be especially daunting with today’s hectic lifestyle. This project aimed to propose a design solution that will help a person keep track of their purchase habits and also help them understand how their purchases are comparing with their calorific goals. The project hopes

RIST- A list for your wrist

Navigation and list Adding an item with Siri Crossing off an item from list Rist is a hands free interface that allows an aisle based way-finding guidance. Items are added on a phone or through voice on the watch with the “+” icon. The device then organizes them in the most efficient path. The user can check or un-check