Grocery Shopping Tracker


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier for some people than others. It can be especially daunting with today’s hectic lifestyle. This project aimed to propose a design solution that will help a person keep track of their purchase habits and also help them understand how their purchases are comparing with their calorific goals. The project hopes to help a person eat healthfully by intervening at the earlier stages of food consumption cycle, i.e., while grocery shopping. This was a prototype phone app that resulted from a semester long project in the Personal Health Informatics class at Georgia Institute of Technology.


For this app, I carried out formative research, design and prototyping.

grocery receipt procss



The target users were initially adults shopping for groceries and looking to have a balanced or healthy diet. To limit the scope of the project, one underlying assumption was that the person was shopping only for himself or herself.

Design Process

For this project, I initially identified food safety as the research area. However, after a series of interviews with the professor and nutritionists, we redefined the problem area as redesigning of grocery receipts. Following the interview, I collected grocery receipts from over 20 users, identified common data attributes and the kinds of questions users may ask. I wireframed a series of alternate visuals and designs for the receipts. The final design was a combination of these visuals and was prototyped on  Android and JustinMind along with Photoshop.

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