Patient Friendly Radiology Reports


In Spring 2016, I did content analysis of over 1000 posts from 4 medical e-forums to identify common patient queries about diagnostic radiology scans under Prof. Lauren Wilcox at Health Experience Lab . Another colleague and I iteratively coded the posts to identify 23 themes characterizing the different kinds of questions posed by patients. We clustered the themes under four topics which then served as design goals for a patient friendly radiology report system called Rapport. This study is part of a CHI 2017 paper titled “Supporting Families in Reviewing and Communicating about Radiology Imaging Studies” .

Since Fall 2016, I am working on my Master’s HCI project under the guidance of Prof. Lauren Wilcox. I am designing graphical representations of changes in radiology reports of a patient over time. This will help a patient quickly visualize changes in their condition as well as contextualize the changes meaningfully . I am using a mixed method approach for the design and evaluation process.

Affiliations: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Collaborators: Matthew Hong, Clayton Feustel,  Max Silverman, Stephen Simoneaux, and Lauren Wilcox

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