RIST- A list for your wrist

Navigation and list
Navigation and list
Adding an item with Siri
Adding an item with Siri
Crossing off an item from list
Crossing off an item from list

Rist is a hands free interface that allows an aisle based way-finding guidance. Items are added on a phone or through voice on the watch with the “+” icon. The device then organizes them in the most efficient path. The user can check or un-check items and swipe to delete them permanently. Rist is a watch prototype that resulted from a semester long 4 member group project in the Human Computer Interaction class at Georgia Institute of Technology.


For this app, our team followed a rapid iterative design process that involved extensive formative research and design process and an interative prototyping and user testing process.

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The app is designed keeping the needs of parents grocery shopping with their young child (or children) in mind. It does this by addressing the problem of finding the most efficient in-store pathway that helps users shop faster and more efficiently. It also addresses additional the scenario of finding an item’s location within store.

Design Process

For this app, our team followed a rapid iterative design process that involved market research, observation and semi structured interviews of around 20 target users at stores like Ikea, Target and Walmart. This was followed by a survey for the wider audience which consisted of parents and non parents. Based on close to 80 survey responses, our interviews, and brainstorming sessions we identified 3 key areas that needed improvement and proposed a solution for each. The 3 solutions were presented to a large audience comprising of HCI students and academia at a poster session.



On the basis on further feedback, we decided to go ahead with in-store navigation as the problem area to explore further. We focused our attention on hands free devices as it was important for our target users to have their hands available and a personal device to interact with (We observed that a lot of parents occupied their kids with their phone or ipad). So we designed wireframes for a common scenario on Google Glass and Apple Watch and gathered user feedback on the same.

On the basis of literature reviews on social acceptability and user feedback, we further iterated our Apple watch design and carried out 2 rounds of user testing and a round of heuristic task analysis with HCI experts resulting in the final design of the project. Our last 2 versions of the prototypes were developed using Marvel app for phone and watch along with Photoshop- for visual design and Framer.js- for motion and animation design.


My Contribution

The entire team was involved in every stage of the project, however, I was primary responsible for  lo-fi prototyping using Powerpoint and Marvel app and hi-fidelity Marvel app prototyping in the last stages.

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