Kidush SM’HEART- K-12 Edutainment for child patients

At present, children admitted to hospitals for extended periods of time are facing grave education problems. While the estimates vary depending on the sources, it is generally agreed that 20% of all children in US have a chronic illness and approximately one-third of that number experience consequences severe enough to interfere with school functioning and performance (Kaffenberger, C. , 2006; Graff & Ault, 1993; Newacheck & Halfon, 1998; Thompson & Gustafson, 1996). Therefore there is a need for a solution which enables them to receive education while being cared for in hospital. The SM'HEART ipad prototype that resulted from a semester long 4 member group project in the Mobile Applications and Systems class at Georgia Institute of Technology tried to address the above need.


For this app, our team followed a rapid prototyping process that involved alternating between the prototyping and design process rapidly.

kidush process


Use Cases

Through interviews with our stakeholders, we identified an initial set of 2 use cases shown below which resulted in division of the project into 2 smaller projects- SMHEART video on demand app and SM'HEART live tutoring app. Our team was responsible for end to end design and prototyping of the former.

Next, under the guidance of Kidush, we developed a mobile application for hospitalized children that provides on-demand learning resources so that each child can maximize the time available to learn between their medical treatments. In addition to providing them with learning content, we also developed a web application for hospital educators and administrator to manage each student’s learning by tracking children’s activities.


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