Website Redesign

Georgia Tech Cable Network is a direct broadcast satellite system offering a customized channel line-up for the Georgia Tech campus community. GTCN supplies entertaining and educational television programs, offers video production services and plays movies chosen by GT students. Through GTCN’s Cinema Select voting system, students can pick their top choices from a series of available movies. The movies with the most votes are the ones selected to play on GTCN.

As a student web developer at Information Technology Group at Georgia Tech, I worked with GTCN to design and develop their “Movies” subsite using Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, HTML5/CSS3 and external plugins.


While the consumers of the GTCN website are Georgia Tech students residing on campus, the site is maintained by the GTCN dept. This influenced the design decisions as the site needed to be responsive and easy to interact for the students on various devices, screen sizes and browsers but also being easy to maintain and update for the GTCN dept and student employees while being consistent with Georgia Tech brand guidelines.

Design Process

To improve the current design, I interviewed the GTCN webmaster and the student employees to understand the common issues and frustrations they faced. Google Analytics was then used to understand site visit and site flow trend which resulted in addition of the “Matinee” section on the movies landing page. The information was then used to rapidly prototype ideas using Powerpoint and the site was developed on Sharepoint using HTML5 and CSS3.

Final Implementation